Film Debut & Review – I’m Not an Indian

19 May 2022
1:45 pm - 3:00 pm

Film Debut & Review – I’m Not an Indian

(Documentary – Orville Smoke)

From Residential School to alcoholism to Dakota governance, it was all a learning process. As leader of the community of Dakota Plains, he had spent 40 years educating the Canadian government on Dakota issues.
Orville Smoke is on a mission to pull his people out of poverty and he has a plan. Join Craig Blacksmith for a unique opportunity to view this award-winning documentary, followed by a discussion of the film.

Orville Smoke was dying from pulmonary fibrosis at the time of the filming.

Vision Quest Community Future Partners: Dakota Ojibway CFDC, Kitayan CFDC Southeast CFDC, Cedar Lake CFDC, North Central CFDC