Entertainment & Keynote: Kendal Netmaker

Kendal Netmaker
14 May 2020
9:15 am - 10:45 am

Entertainment & Keynote: Kendal Netmaker

Entertainment & Keynote
KENDAL NETMAKER, Entrepreneur & Author
Followed by a Live Interview with Kendal Netmaker with Questions from our Delegates.


Every day we are faced with personal and professional challenges. It takes energy and perseverance to overcome these obstacles. Through the power of storytelling, Kendal shares what it takes to refuel, recharge, and reenergize our resiliency to be successful in everything we do.

In this high-energy inspiring keynote, Kendal takes us on his profoundly moving personal journey from overcoming life’s challenges to achieving extraordinary success. From his best-selling book Driven to Succeed, Kendal shares his ‘Ultimate Resiliency Formula’ that will motivate attendees to shift their mindset to achieve their ultimate purpose for a successful life.

Attendees will gain steps to develop a resilient mindset to stay positive and focused, tools to set and achieve your goals, reprogramming your mind for success and abundance, and creating your personal formula to stay DRIVEN!

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