3. You’re Going to Make It! Hands-on Building, Assembly & Manufacturing

We know the perception of the manufacturing industry – dirty, dangerous, and boring. The reality couldn’t be more different! The fact is, jobs in manufacturing are high tech, high-paying, and best of all – hiring! We’ve created an assembly line to help you rediscover the joy of creating. Worried about making ends meet? Explore opportunities available to you.

2. Seven Sacred Ways of Healing Trauma through Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Three Wyndi's - Angie Cote, Sheldon Cote, and Linda Dano-Chartrand
Seven Sacred Ways of Healing Trauma through Mind, Body, and Spirit, Combines Western, Eastern and Indigenous Holistic healing practices, ceremony, song and teachings. To bring healing from intergenerational trauma, mental health, grief, and loss, etc. To reclaim and restore personal growth, healing, and balance.

1. Business Financing Options

Looking to start a business or enhance or grow your existing business? Learn of the local and national financing opportunities available to you from these varied potential funding sources.


Banquet*: Three Course Dinner, Awards & Cultural Presentations Featuring Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers and Canada’s Funny Man: Howie Miller

3. Introduction to Filmmaking; A Beginners’ Guide to Camera Work

In this workshop, participants will master fundamental camera functions, explore camera movement and framing techniques with industry standard cameras, as well as learn to shoot effectively using their own smartphone. With covering key aspects of cinematography in just one session, attendees will gain practical skills to enhance their filming capabilities and storytelling prowess through the camera.

2. Trailblazing Community Environmental Projects

Meet representatives from three Manitoba communities who are trailblazing a path to sustainability. Be inspired to contribute to a healthy environment in your own community by hearing how they deal with challenges to achieve their successes.

1. Business Start Up – Build A Better Business Program

Business Start Up– Build a Better Business Program is a workshop designed for new and potential business owners to help them gain a better understanding of what they need to know to start or grow their business and manage it. Interactive activities and discussions will guide participants as they take their first steps into entrepreneurship.


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