Ian Maxwell and Virginia Muswagon

Ian Maxwell and Virginia Muswagon


Life Water Gardens

Ian Maxwell

Ian Maxwell serves as co-manager of Life Water Gardens, a hydroponic unit supplying leafy greens to Norway House, Manitoba. Prior to his role at Life Water Gardens, Ian worked with Northern Stores, taught music, and his current position is as a meter reader for MB Hydro, baker, and music artist. Ian oversees the operations of the hydroponic unit, manages sales and deliveries, and conducts tours. You can expect an enthusiastic conversation with Ian, as he shares insights into the project. Outside of work, Ian enjoys gardening with family and friends, although he humorously admits to not having a “green thumb.”

Virginia Muswagon

Virginia’s introduction and subsequent enjoyment of gardening began when she was a teenager. Her mom and dad enrolled in a program offered by Norway House Cree Nation that taught families how to grow their own vegetables in a garden as well as a greenhouse. “I remembered that I loved going into the greenhouse tending to the vegetables and enjoying the freshness of the produce when harvested.” Today she is a co-manager of Life Water Gardens, a hydroponic unit which supplies leafy greens to her community. This project is a family-oriented business and therefore her husband and children often help her when required. As co-manager, Virginia’s role is driven by her passion for quality control and ensuring that a steady and quality product is delivered to the local businesses.


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