2. Exploring All Aspects of Indigenous Wellness

Join this session to explore how sexuality is a core component of healing connecting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects for wellness. Framed in healthy ways to reclaim Indigenous worldviews, connection to the Earth, Indigenous languages and Two Spirit/Indigiqueer identities are the centre of this workshop.

1. Seeking Investment: How to Find and Vet Expansion Capital

Understanding how capital flows at various stages of business is key to expansion and growth. Knowing what investors/lenders expect before making an investment decision is critical. This session will provide a “walkthrough” of how entrepreneurs can acquire and grow their capital from Start-up to IPO, and every stage in between.

3. You’re Going to Make It! Hands-on Building, Assembly & Manufacturing

We know the perception of the manufacturing industry – dirty, dangerous, and boring. The reality couldn’t be more different! The fact is, jobs in manufacturing are high tech, high-paying, and best of all – hiring! We’ve created an assembly line to help you rediscover the joy of creating. Worried about making ends meet? Explore opportunities available to you.


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