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Comments from our delegates:

“All speakers were clear with their presentations and answered questions in a positive way.”
– Connie, Delegate

“This was a wonderful conference with great speakers and opportunities to make connections.”
– Hannah, Delegate

“Mo’s presentation and commitment to be here. So much of what he said rang true to me and validated issues on reserve. Excellent content in his speech.”
– Dorothy, Delegate

“I am especially thankful for the connection I personally made with an Elder from Hollow Water First Nations. We were lucky enough to have joined him at his table on the first day and were able to listen to him share his knowledge over the next two days at the conference. My hope is to be able to bring him into the school next year to work with youth on how they can develop their confidence and voices through a program that he passionately shared with me and wants to share with youth, especially Indigenous Youth, as he feels that this is something that they often struggle with.”
– Teacher, Vincent Massey Collegiate

“So, they usually say life has plenty of opportunities and it is what you do with them that really makes a certain way of memories that pour into your brain and honestly at the convention prior to I had a dream a few months back and I knew that it was going to be special and it was a thrill to be a part of and I would do it again. I enjoyed the new company and it was a lot of fun and overall I had some great things that happened to me like I got a couple offers and some partnership opportunity’s this was really worth the time and effort and I am so glad I came to it because I was able to see my fellow native 😀 and so on I will cherish this for some time in my life and thank you so much.”
– Student, Vincent Massey Collegiate

“As an Indigenous person I find myself often feeling angry about the lack of change and the inaction of the government in regard to many issues Indigenous people face. However, at this conference my negative mind set shifted as I met many amazing individuals who shared their stories of success. They made me realize that so much has changed in the aspects of representation of Indigenous peoples in politics, business and in the media. They helped me realize that there are so many great Indigenous leaders out there fighting for change and knowing that these people are thriving and making a difference overfilled me with happiness and hope.”
– Student, Fort Richmond Collegiate


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