Certification Courses at Vision Quest

For the first time, Delegates can take part in Certification Courses at Vision Quest. In Foodsafe Food Handling, participants will learn safe practices in the food industry including food borne illness, receiving and storage of foods, preparing food, serving food, and cleaning and sanitizing. The goal of Emergency First Aid and CPR, which is recognized by all levels of government, Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health, and most employers, is to preserve life, prevent further injury, and promote recovery. Both courses take place concurrently on Tuesday, May 12.

On May 13 and 14, delegates can choose from 12 interactive workshops delivered by business, cultural and industry leaders, covering topics like:

  • Structuring your business for success
  • Steps to follow before launching your business
  • Starting a business on a First Nation
  • The benefits of an urban reserve
  • Partnering with industry
  • Mobilizing communities
  • How to buy a franchise
  • Internal governance
  • And more!

As part of Vision Quest’s annual youth program, these workshops are geared specifically to the youth delegation:

  • Understanding credit
  • Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Careers in broadcasting
  • Understanding the ‘bully’
Vision Quest Community Future Partners: Dakota Ojibway CFDC, Kitayan CFDC Southeast CFDC, Cedar Lake CFDC, North Central CFDC